Our Online Delivery Service

Warings Bakery Delivers was launched as a direct result of the UK nationwide lockdown that came into effect  on the 23rd March 2020.

Our six stores were able to remain open under the Government guidance but with so many restrictions in place, we quickly decided we wanted to offer a service to all of our customers who would no longer be able to get to us in person.

With some quick thinking and a lot of hard work from the team waringsbakerydelivers.co.uk was launched. We could only offer fixed product bundles at this time as we needed to ensure our in-house bakers could cope with the demand whilst at the same time offering our customers both some essentials and some treats!

If we are honest, we had absolutely no idea how it would all work and how many customers would be interested in this service. With the power of social media we managed to spread the word quickly and then the orders came, and they came quickly and in abundance. Our delivery drivers thoroughly enjoyed meeting all of our customers  as they made the socially distanced drops onto doorsteps. The community spirit and the smiles and sheer delight at receiving their orders really was something we could not have predicted.

We at Warings Bakery want to say a heartfelt thank you to each and every one of our customers. We have been overwhelmed with your support and encouragement and we are very excited to share this new website with you.

Warings Bakery Delivers
Warings Bakery Delivers